Navy Club USA

Keep the Fleet To Keep The Peace

Commandant - Charlie Mills

Sr. Executive Officer - Ron Wilson

Jr. Executive Officer – Cathy “Cate” Burrows

Paymaster - Charlie Garlock

Chaplain – Ronnie Mills, Jr.

Indiana Squadron Commander – Ron Tull

Illinois Squadron Commander – Bob LaMay

Pennsylvania Squadron – Don Logeman

Wisconsin Squadron Commander – Daryll Driscoll

Historian - Walter Porter

Master-at-Arms – Bob LaMay

National Executive Secretary – PNC Toshio D. Mills

Trustee 3 Year - PNC Bruce Hallam

Trustee 2 Year - PNC Cecil Krick

Trustee 1 Year - PNC Archie Gainey

Immediate Past Commandant – PNC Bruce Hallam

Judge Advocate – PNC Bob Laughlin

Coast Guard Liaison - Phil Parsons

Great Lakes Day Chair – PNC Eugene Koelker

Finance Committee Chair – Phil Parsons

Public Information Officer - Jim Zeszutek

Quarterdeck Committee Chair - Walter Porter

Veterans Affairs Officer – Lee Horowitz

National Fisher House - Nellie DeBaker

National Auxiliary Liaison – PNC Bruce Hallam

Membership Data Base - Bob Currier