Navy Club USA

Keep the Fleet To Keep The Peace

Since 1938 NCUSA has accomplished many programs and projects.

Pearl Harbor Memorial

Perhaps the biggest highlight of all NCUSA's events took place in 1955. It was in this year, December 7th, to be more specific, that eight members of the parent body dedicated the first memorial by any Veterans Organization, in honor of all servicemen killed in the Pearl Harbor area in 1941.


Pictured from left to right: Sigfried Sandeen PNC, E.R. “Gene” Backofen PNC, Marvin R. Dean, Walter R. Popjoy PNC, Alton G. Meyer (Chairman of Memorial Commission), National Commandant Charles R. Topp, Pat Compolatarra, Tucker Gratz, Earl Lawson PNC, unknown sailor.

This monument was placed adjacent to the sunken battleship Arizona, on Ford Island, and consists of a large bronze plaque, measuring approximately three by five feet, and placed on a bluestone lava rock weighing 27 tons, standing ten feet tall. plaque2Insignificant, as it might appear, compared to other memorials since dedicated, it never the less took the eye and attention of Charles Thomas, then Secretary of the Navy, as he immediately asked the Pearl Harbor Commission members of NCUSA, to please help the Navy Department and the Pacific War Memorial Commission in establishing a permanent memorial over the sunken battleship Arizona.

NCUSA responded to his request with the formation of an Arizona Memorial Commission, which in turn sponsored the first money raising fund drive through the sale of a small aluminum “Arizona Shrine Project” medallion. This project gave other veteran organizations and the Pacific War Memorial Commission the incentive to start their respective fund raising programs, which eventually resulted in the building of the present day Arizona Memorial. We are indeed proud of this accomplishment, as it is a fitting memorial in honor of the 1102 men still on board.


pearl2Alton G. Meyer was the Commission Chairman for the NCUSA Memorial for Pearl Harbor. Commandant Charles R. Topp at the dedication of the memorial. “Let us never forget this day and what this observation signifies. We are the custodians of a great heritage, of freedom and independence. We must keep faith with those who fought and died to uphold it, who sacrificed to maintain it. How do we do this? By resolutely facing the unfinished problems that are connected and associated with what they fought to prevent we can never deserve the honored and cherished title of Americans unless we assume our responsibilities as citizens.”

NCUSA made application, and was accepted to membership on the Navy-Marine Corps Council in 1973. This council, composed of 23 Navy-Marine Corps oriented organizations, meets monthly for the purpose of enlightening each other the legislation proposed by our law making bodies, general
information about our sea services in general and other current matters or problems. The council was originated by the then acting Secretary of the Navy in 1969, and NCUSA has a representative who attends these monthly meetings on a regular basis.

Naval Training Center,Great Lakes, Illinois

In 1976, NCUSA started another project, which was planed as an assist to the Navy Recruiting Command and the Naval Training Center at Great Lakes, Illinois. It was the consensus of NCUSA that a seaman recruit, as selected by the honors committee of the Great Lakes Center, be given the Navy Club of the U.S.A. ‘Military Excellence Award’ each week that the center held a graduation ceremony. rtcOur recipients receive wrist watches which has the NCUSA emblem on the face of the watch. Needless to say, each succeeding Commander of the Great Lakes Training Center is very impressed with Navy Club's contribution of this award each week. Each and every person attending the graduation ceremonies is informed that NCUSA sponsors this award, which gives our organization publicity, and at the same time honors a deserving  graduating recruit.

In January 2011, Navy Club USA started to sponsor the monthly Student Sailor of the Month, Junior Student Sailor of the Month, Sailor of the Year and Instructor of the Year at the Technical Services Command at Naval Station Great Lakes, Illinois. The monthly Student Sailor of the Month and Junior Student Sailor of the Month receive a pen and pencil set and Certificate of Achievement. The Sailor of the Year and Instructor of the Year receive a Navy Club USA watch and letter of Commendation from the Commanding Office. 

Navy Recruiting Command Recruiter of the Year

Another project, which NCUSA has involved itself in, began in 1975. VADM Emmett Tidd, who was the Commanding Officer of the Navy Recruiting Command, devised a plan whereby the top Navy Recruiters from each recruiting area across the country, be invited to Washington, D.C., along with their wives, for a week of R & R. This program is now called the R.O.Y. project. (Recruiter of the Year) In formulating his plans for such a program, he knew that he would need financial assistance from outside sources to transport the wives, house them and feed them, as he could not use Navy Funds for their necessary expenses. His contact with our organization produced results, as NCUSA placed the ROY project in its annual budget expenses after the first two years, In addition to the National donation, a number of Ships have donated towards this annual project as well, including the NCUSA Auxiliary, which has resulted in the largest cash donation by any one organization, for the past six years in a row. For this, we are proud, as this is what NCUSA is all about.


2010 ROY winners met with the Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy, center. Joining the group was NCCM Gregory King, NRC National Chief Recruiter (far left); Commander, NRC, RDML Craig S. Faller (right rear); Deputy Commander, NRC, RDML Robin L. Graf (front row, second from right,); and Force Master Chief (SW/AW) Chris Penton (front row, far right).